Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's Official: I'm An Uber-Nerd.

As a member of the collective community known as South Residence, I'm invited to attend the end-of-the-year formal known as (surprise, surprise!) South Formal. The theme for this year's formal has been declared "Gotham City + Gothic Elegance".

Gothic Elegance, you say? In my ears, that sceams "Steampunk". So myself and my good friend known as The Champion have taken it upon ourselves to become Steampunk brothers for this event. I've decided my costume will include a top hat with goggles made of brass and leather, my suit (complete with snazzy vest) and hopefully a cane for extra classiness.

Since I didn't forsee myself making a blog post about this I don't have many "making of" pictures, so I'll just post what I have. :D

The eyepieces were made of:
  • Piping cover
  • Copper circle... things...
  • Drape/ blinds rope feeding... things...

Strap + Buckles

Headband strap was made of:
  • Random buckles found at Canadian Tire
  • A handle from a reusable shopping bag


And the finished product (with top hat):


"Evening, Mentlegen."

Huzzah! I love being a nerd.