Friday, January 17, 2014

EP Review: Miserable Failure - "Hope"

We're back with the first review of 2014! I'm pumped for all the awesome music coming out this year, and I figure we should start with something awesome to kick off this next revolution around the sun.

I'm sure you all remember France's Miserable Failure from my review of their three-way split with F Stands for Fuck You and Infected Society. These dudes play some outrageously brutal nihilistic grindcore at speeds that rival those of the mighty Agoraphobic Nosebleed.

Honestly, this review is going to be super short, because there's not much to say other than that this EP is some top notch grindcore. It clocks in at just a few seconds short of 4 minutes with each song taking about a minute to pour out of your speakers rip off your ears and throw them in a meat grinder. The album comes across as a blend of Magrudergrind's self-titled album and the newer material released by the aforementioned Agoraphobic Nosebleed. I legitimately believed that for this release, Miserable Failure were a drum-machine grind band, but after looking it up, I was pleasantly surprised to see that drums are credited to one Elvis Jagger Abdul Jabbar, whom I believe to be the first human able to break the sound barrier simply by moving their arms.

The riffs are chunky and pretty groovy (at least as groovy as grindcore can allow), which is in part where I draw my Magrudergrind comparison from. The production gives the guitars and bass a thick, wall of sound tone and everything is mixed and mastered surprisingly well for an underground grind band EP, especially since this is their second release, ever.

On a Playlist With: Magrudergrind, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, GridLink

Overall Score: 4/5

Hope is a hell of an EP, made only more impressive by how new Miserable Failure is on the scene. Kaotoxin Records found a gem by signing these guys, and I'm real fuckin' excited to see what they're going to put out next.

You can download Hope for the awesome price of free over here, and be sure to throw Miserable Failure a like on their Facetube page. The EP will be out on extremely limited CD and cassette pressings that will only be available directly from the band sometime soon. I'll let you guys know once I figure out the date.

That's all for now, folks! I hope you guys have a kick-ass 2014!