Monday, March 18, 2013

Rad Alert: The Grind Show and SFLHC

I've always found YouTube a great resource for finding new music. Tons of users upload full albums, and if you listen to some album you've been meaning to check out for a while, afterwards the related videos section usually has a whole host of other full-album uploads that you can check out. After those albums, you see another album on the sidebar that tickles your fancy and you go for that one next.You can go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole until you're listening to some Malaysian dude's one man experimental noise album that he recorded using a 4-track in his uncle's basement. Point is, there's a shit ton of music on YouTube just waiting to be tapped and today I'm gonna show you a couple of my favorite channels.

Both of these are hardcore/ grind heavy channels so if you aren't into that stuff, tough luck. Make yourself a nice big cup of whiny-ass bitch and go drink it in the corner while the rest of us listen to our music at reasonable, non-intrusive volumes and discuss our world's pertinent sociopolitical topics.

"By jove, Terrance! I do believe that hooligan over there struck me with his torso! How primitive of him., but I am not bothered. Let us continue our conversation on the United States' barreling economy and the fiscal cliff, old boy."

Whoever runs this channel is a champion. They've got almost 600 full releases from a shit ton of hardcore, grindcore, and powerviolence bands from all over the world, ranging from small-town acts to the heavy hitters of the genre. I've found countless wicked bands from this channel, and I think he (or she!) deserves all the support she (or he!) can get. Every release is organized into a YouTube playlist, so you can pretty much listen to every entire album in order, and you can check out which songs are which if any one of them stand out to you. The Grind Show's channel is here, and they've got a Facebook page here. Here's one of the mind melting albums I've found through this channel.



South Florida Hardcore is similar to The Grind Show, but instead of uploading full albums, they upload full sets of bands that play in any of the local venues. They've got sets from bands like Magrudergrind, Maruta, Cloud Rat, and Pig Destroyer, and they've also got the occasional non-hardcore show captured as well. I remember watching a full Action Bronson set on the channel once, and I've seen links to a set done by GZA, too. Recording quality varies from show to show, but generally it pretty solid, and they manage to capture a good amount of the entire band, rather than just the bass player's shoulder or something, like most amateur live recordings do. Check 'em out here, and below is an embed to the awesome Magrudergrind show they filmed.

That's all for now, folks!

-Grave Dave

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