Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just Like Clockwork: Part 2

Today's main goal for goggle-making was to paint the eyepieces and start the assembly. Since most of the day was spent waiting for paint to dry, I couldn't start assembling the goggles today. Once I pick up a few more supplies and bits tomorrow, I'll be able to put it all together and then add the finishing touches.

So, for today's shenanigans:

As black as the grim and frostbitten North.
I spray painted the eyepieces a matte black. The entire process took about half a day, because I wanted the paint to be as dry as possible before I worked with it again. You can also see the buckles I am using. The eyepieces will hopefully match them in bronziness.

Drybrushing = <3

I drybrushed the eyepieces with the same paints as the buckles. This isn't the final colour, I added one more layer of gold on top of this.

How you doin'?
Here is all the vinyl that I cut out yesterday, neatly arranged into a somewhat creepy face.

Now that the eyepieces aren't a ridiculous blue, I'm retrying all the different colour lenses, and green still seems to work nicely, however...
... Better.

I put in the blue and clear lenses, and I think they look much cooler than the green ones. I think it's the contrast between the browns, golds and the blue that make them look so nice. You can also see that I've wrapped a bit of vinyl around the nosepiece. It was simply glued on with Krazy Glue.

That's all that happened today as far as goggles go, hopefully tomorrow I can start putting them together, and they'll be finished by the end of Friday.

That's all for now, folks.

Keep being Awesome.

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