Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012 In Music: A Preview

Just like last year's, here is a list of:

The New Albums In 2012 That Make Me Giggle And Bounce Up And Down Like A Little Girl

Yeah, I know its almost May, so a lot of these albums have already come out. Deal with it.

Woods of Ypres - "Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Lights" (January 30)

Woods of Ypres are a Canadian Black Metal band turned Doom Metal band. Fronted by the recently deceased David Gold (R.I.P.), Woods of Ypres' music is ridiculously catchy for the melancholic and emotional music that it is. Woods 5 is an excellent swan song for the late, great Mr. Gold.

Excitement Level: 9/10 Grim Canadian winters.

Eluveitie - "Helvetios" (February 10)

Holy Pagan Metal, Batman! Eluveitie never disappoint. With their beautiful blend of Death Metal and old Gaulish folk music, Helvetios has me drooling at the mouth.

Excitement Level: 10/10 Hurdy gurdies.

Meshuggah - "Koloss" (March 27)

Anyone who knows me knows that I would blow Meshuggah's giant obsidian cock, any day. I have to give no explanation as to why I'm excited about this. It's God damn Meshuggah, people.

Excitement Level: 25/16 Time (Get it? It's an odd time signature joke! Just like last year's list! Shut up, it was funny.)

Rush - "Clockwork Angels" (June 12)

It's been five long years since Rush has brought sweet, sweet progressive rock to our ears. I've listened to the two released songs from Clockwork Angels: BU2B, and Caravan, and to be honest they're definitely good, but they don't WOW me. Still, anything Rush touches is good in my books, so I'm still getting pumped for this.

Excitement Level: 7/10 Feasts of honeydew. 

Gojira - "L'Enfant Sauvage" (June 26)

As soon as I heard that Gojira were definitely going to release something this year, my heart skipped a beat. I only got into Gojira a couple years ago with their 2008 release The Way of All Flesh, but that was enough to get me hooked for good. Gojira now ride as one of my favorite bands.

Excitement Level: 10/10 Ravaged Earths

Other Releases of the Year

These albums are albums I'm sure as hell excited about, but they don't make me act like a five year old on crack when I talk about them.

Goatwhore - "Blood for the Master"
Earth - "Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II"
3 Inches of Blood - "Long Live Heavy Metal"
Kreator - "Phantom Antichrist"
High on Fire - "De Vermis Mysteriis"
Dying Fetus - "Reign Supreme"
Baroness - "Yellow & Green"
Jack White - "Blunderbuss"
Ihsahn - "Eremita"

Looks like we've got a pretty sweet year ahead of us.

That's all for now, folks. Keep being Awesome.

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