Thursday, November 1, 2012

EP Review: The Fevered - "Blackout"

Alright folks, I got another entombedcore band comin' your way. The Fevered from Brisbane, Australia have just dropped an EP, Blackout about a week ago. If you have no idea what entombedcore is,  check out my super brief explanation on my review of the last Nails album. Got it? Good. Great.

Let's-a go!

As mentioned,The Fevered are from Australia, automatically making them the coolest band I've reviewed so far. They play a different style of entombedcore which makes me sigh in relief, because I find all the bands in this genre are starting to sound stagnant and boring. Not The Fevered though, who blend in the obvious sounds of Entombed, and classic hardcore punk, but spice things up with a little non-traditional hardcore in the vein of Converge, and a dash of At the Gates style melodic death metal.

Needless to say, the guitarists have nailed in a solid Sunlight Studios buzzsaw guitar tone. The riffs roll in hard and heavy, dancing between slow, crushing chords that would make the boys in Dismember proud and moshworthy passages that are both melodic and heavy as fuck. One thing I find great about the riffs are that they're original sounding, which always gets me 'cause I'm a sucker for good, original riffs. I find this EP much more entertaining than simply listening to Left Hand Path 2.

Something that adds to the music so much is the drumming on Blackout. The drums sway between classic death metal rhythm and old school punk beats. Both styles are sometimes used simultaneously, like on the track "Mediate", where there are blast beats, d-beats, and fills that would fit right into a NYC hardcore punk  song as mushed together. The drumming all across the album is perfect for getting your heart pumping and your head banging.

Things get extra interesting on the tracks "When it Comes" and "Sleep, Warm as Day". "When it Comes" is where the band definitely wears it's At the Gates influences on it's sleeve. The riffs scream Gothenburg style melodic death metal, with harmonizing guitar melodies and leads all over the place. Honestly, this song is pretty much a tribute to the entirety of At the Gates' Slaughter of the Soul, and I like it. "Sleep, Warm as Day" is the most different song on the EP, with only slightly overdriven guitars playing dark and looming passages underneath the vocalist's despaired screams. Images of a man trapped and lost in a deserted wasteland come to mind as the drums begin to boom and boom. Things turn darker and uglier as the familiar distorted guitars come crashing in for the ending of the song. A fantastic way to end the EP.

Production on Blackout is pretty standard for entombedcore. The one thing I would like to point out is the very natural and old school sound that everything has. Even though this genre is based out of two older genres, some entombedcore artists clean up their production a bit too much, and the music doesn't seem to have the same effect as these fine dudes'. The Fevered's music crushes your skull and caves in your chest with ease, just the way it should.

Bomb-Ass Tracks: Five Points District, When it Comes, Sleep, Warm as Day

On a Playlist With: Entombed, Nails, Black Breath

Overall Score


The Fevered have managed to stand out amongst a slew of generic bands with Blackout. Things get deathy, punky, and doomy on here, and The Fevered pull it all off with flying colours. This EP is for any fans of old school death metal, melodic death metal and hardcore.

You can check out The Fevered on Facebook and on their own personal website. You can listen to and purchace Blackout on the band's Bandcamp page.

That's all for now, folks!


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