Monday, January 28, 2013

Rad Alert: Code Orange Kids

Rad Alert is where I share something that I think is pretty rad with all y'all. For those who remember my That's Pretty Rad, Bro column that never got past its first couple posts, it's pretty much the same thing with a shorter title. Yay!

Many of you know Converge. I mean, even readers who aren't familiar with them know All We Love We Leave Behind was my favorite album of 2012. Jacob Bannon of Converge started a record label many moons ago called Deathwish Inc., which is where he gets to host a wide range of awesome hardcore bands. One of these awesome hardcore bands is none other than Code Orange Kids who released their debut Love is Love // Return to Dust last year. I know, I know, Code Orange Kids are sooooooo 2012, but whatever. I think they're fuckin' rad, ergo, they deserve a spot on Rad Alert.

Check 'em out on Farcebook and at Deathwish.

That's all for now, folks!


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