Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bandcamp Chronicles: Vol. 2

Bandcamp is an awesome site. It lets artists host their music to stream for free, and lets them sell (or give away) digital copies of their music as well as physical CDs, vinyl, or other merch. Bandcamp is stupid easy to use (even I use it), and keeps the musician's focus where it should be: on the music. Anyways, I'm not here to slobber over Bandcamp itself, but over some awesome artists I've found on Bandcamp. I'll try to briefly introduce the artists and then get straight to shutting the fuck up so you can check out their pages and let their music do the talking.



I'm normally not a fan of djenty progressive metal. I stick mostly to sonic power-titans Meshuggah, and not much else. In my eyes, the genre is starting to come to a standstill, but there are still a couple wicked bands that trudge onward in this sea of noise gates and compressors to drop some sick tunes. Disfracture a bunch of U.K. boys who keep things rolling really smoothly between all their ridiculous time signatures and song structures. You'll barely even notice that you're headbanging in 27/16 time.


Think a heavier, more guitar driven version of Coheed and Cambria. No, seriously. Their vocalist sounds so exactly like Claudio Sanchez that I'm concerned that Mandroid Echostar kidnapped him and forced him to sing on their new EP. These proggers are from Guelph, which is something I can brag to my out-of-city  friends about as these guys blast through some awesomely tight playing and spiraling song structures.


Check out these dudes if you get a chance! Hopefully it'll be worth your time. I know it was worth mine.

Do you have a Bandcamp? Want to be featured on the next Bandcamp Chronicles? Shoot me a link to your page and if you melt my face off, you could have a chance to be on the next post!

That's all for now, folks!


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