Tuesday, September 23, 2014


     So first things first, Needs More Noise Gate hasn't seen a new post in several months, I never finished any posts since New Years, and I have never lived up to my promise of providing bacon reviews. This is what inevitably happens when two Engineering students decide to write a blog, it ends up falling to the wayside far too often and before you know it most of the year has gone by. So here's a quick summary of what I've been up to all this time I should have been writing reviews, and my plan for the future (spoiler: it involves actually writing reviews):

January: I enter my final semester of Engineering, social life clings on for dear life. Attempt to gain more free time by deleting every video game off my computer. Become addicted to online tetris, social life dies.

February: The shortest month with the most deadlines, sleep becomes something you daydream about while stuck pulling an all-nighter in the lab, my capstone design group begins to realize my ambition is more psychotic than visionary

March: While demonstrating our project to the professor, David and I are told we have to completely re-start. Social life's dead corpse is violently cremated until I question if it ever existed. Wake up one day to the phrase "The Slow Decay Of The Human Soul" written on my table and have no recollection of writing it (true story).

April: OH GOD EVERYTHING IS DUE. Sell my soul to Satan to get my capstone project working the night before the presentation, end my University experience by 12 hours of non-stop drinking in attempts to forget that I left the entire last page of that final exam blank.

May: Become an extremely over-qualified factory worker, working 6 days a week in a desperate attempt to pay off debts. McDonald's becomes too expensive for my budget

June: Officially graduate and immediately leave on a month long trip to experience the European festival season. A detailed post on this whole trip will be coming soon! My two word summary of the trip: In Tents

July: Return from Europe, realize I didn't spend as much as I predicted, and can survive for a month without a job. Spend entire month doing nothing, become unnaturally good at select video games

August: Apply for jobs like my life depends on it, realize that sentence isn't as figurative as I initially thought, return to the wonderful world of debt. Finally find a job in my field and celebrate by buying a car (it's debt you can drive!)

September: Spend a month getting used to commuter life and settled into my first ever desk job. Realize I can actually do things again, remember I once promised bacon reviews and never delivered (sidenote: I like the idea of delivering bacon, someone get on this). Which brings us to the here and now!


Starting today, I plan to at a minimum attempt to write something here every Tuesday, and steal Hank Green's idea of REVIEWSDAYTUESDAY. So, if you like hearing my ramble, you're in luck. If you hate hearing me ramble, you probably stopped reading a long time ago. So thanks for taking the time to read about the boring parts of my year, the exciting part, my Europe trip, comes next week, maybe, I'LL TRY OKAY?!

More to come, 
at some point,
definitely on a Tuesday,
Just not sure which one,
I mean at least I did this post,
this is a big step,
I'm now beating David by 4 months in most recent post,
I don't know how to end this.


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