Saturday, June 2, 2012

Track Review: Primate - "Pride"

Relapse Record's Youtube channel recently informed me of a new supergroup called Primate. Now, Metal supergroups have varied in awesomeness over the years, ranging from Bloodbath (fucking sweet) to Hellyeah (fucking awful), which leaves me debating how this whole Primate thing will all turn out. Just yesterday, they released the song "Pride" off of Primate's debut album Draw Back a Stump (out July 3rd).

Primate features the ripping guitar work of Mastodon's very own Bill Kelliher, and the gritty vocal work of Brutal Truth's Kevin Sharp. I don't know where the other members of Primate hail from, and quite frankly, I don't really care, as long as they can shred with the likes of Kelliher and Sharp. Primate's MySpace (Ha, Myspace. What a bunch of oldies!) says they sound like "a freight train full of TNT smashing into a tanker truck full of jet fuel". Well, well, well. Let's just see about that.

Damn. That description is pretty damn accurate. Take one part Grindcore, two parts Hardcore Punk, and just a dash of Southern Metal, mix it all up and you get some ferocious music coming at you. By no means is it revolutionary or groundbreaking, but considering it's a "just-for-fun" side project for all the band members, the output is really something that can stand on its own.

Overall Score


"Pride" is unreasonably catchy and unrelentingly... unrelenting. I'm excited to hear what's in store for us on the rest of the album.

Check out "Pride" for yourself down below:

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