Thursday, June 14, 2012

Album Review: Municipal Waste - "The Fatal Feast"

The Waste are back, and they’re busting out a whole lotta ass-whoopin’. As an expert in all things music, my research tells me this album is a good thing for everyone. Except your liver. Your liver hates you every time you toss on a Municipal Waste CD, but jeez, it’s got to lighten up a bit. I mean, the last time I tossed on The Art of Partying I woke up the next morning naked on a tractor, completely unable to move my neck.

It’s getting better, I swear.

Just another Tuesday night at my place**.

Or maybe not, cause now we have 16 (17 if you count the bonus) new anthems to shotgun beers, plug zombies full of lead, and just generally fuck shit up with. The Fatal Feast is Municipal Waste at their Municipal Waste-iest. The current kings of Crossover Thrash, Municipal Waste blend the energy and ridiculous antics of Hardcore with the speed, ferocity, and heaviness of Thrash Metal.

Municipal Waste continue with the fist-in-the-face sound, with sharp distorted guitars taking the front lines on this album. Ryan Waste's riffing is as destructive as ever, and he even does a couple of sweet solos too! Tony Forresta keeps his punk-ish vocals booming as raunchy as ever, while Dave Witte and Landphil keep the rhythm down tight, cause y'know, ain't no one fuck with the Witte-Landphil rhythm duo.

No one.
One thing I really like on this album (well, on all their albums, really) are Ryan Waste's extra vocals (especially on "Standards and Practices" every once in a while. I don't know exactly why I love them so much. It might because they remind me of old school 80s punk, which is weird 'cause I don't even listen to 80s punk. What?

The only thing that bugs me with The Fatal Feast has got to be the lack of larynx-busting screams that Mr. Forresta is so capable of. Whatever. He still shreds.

Bomb-Ass Tracks

New Dead Masters: With a half-spoken intro (reminds me of "Beer Pressure" off of The Art of Partying) it's definitely one of my new Thrash anthems. It's so fucking fast.

Standards and Practices: Ryan Waste's singing on the chorus. It makes you want to trash everything. Waste can really pull off the pure punk sound when they want to.

The Fatal Feast: From the sweet 80s B-movie space sound effects to the eerie intro bassline all the way to the off-kilter chorus, this song is a winner.

On a Playlist With: Toxic Holocaust, Black Breath, Mantic Ritual

Overall Score


The Fatal Feast is a buffet of over-the-top Crossover Thrash. Municipal Waste are going to fuck you up.

That's all for now, folks. Keep being Awesome.

**Tuesday night is taco night.

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