Saturday, July 7, 2012

Album Review: Dying Fetus - "Reign Supreme"

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The new Dying Fetus album 
Fries Supreme is out. Just, fuck. Holy. Fuck.


Just so you know, comparing Dying Fetus to Taco Bell is totally reasonable. Taco Bell unleashes a gut-retching assault on your innards, causing you to (most likely) shit out your lungs. The same holds for Reign Supreme. Dying Fetus have crafted a bulletproof monster of an album that just rips you apart, anus first.

But before I go sucking Dying Fetus' collective dongs, I'll give a little intro on the band for those of you who don't know who they are. Dying Fetus is a Death Metal band/ Brutal Death Metal band/ Slam Death Metal band/ Technical Death Metal band (just Death Metal from here on in) from Maryland in the good ol' U.S. of A. Unlike most Death Metal bands of their ilk, Dying Fetus don't glorify violence in their lyrics. Instead they focus on political and modern social themes, but seriously who cares. You can't understand what the fuck Jon Gallagher (the bald one) is saying, ever.

The songwriting is fantastic here as well, with no part of the album letting up on the brutal onslaught. I never felt like any part was too drawn out or was getting boring through my listen. Whenever I wanted face-meltingly fast Death Metal, there was face-meltingly fast Death Metal, and whenever I wanted br00tal slamz, I got br00tal slamz.

The only downside to Reign Supreme is that even though it's a fucking monster of a Death Metal album, that's all it is.  As much as I fucking love me some Death Metal, my interests will most likely phase to some other genre of music (never), and when that happens, Dying Fetus won't really have anything to offer me (yeah, right). However, once I get back into a Death Metal phase (always), rest assured, Reign Supreme will be the first thing I go to.
Bomb-Ass Tracks

Subjected to a Beating: The second song off of Reign Supreme opens up with the Fetus' classic slamming mid-paced section, but once that massive drum fill/ solo kicks in, shit hits the fan.

From Womb to Waste: Opening with an unforgettable sample, this song just pounds your face in with some of the best riffs on the album.

Revisionist Past: All I have to say is dat intro solo.
On a Playlist With: Decrepit Birth, more Dying Fetus, Enpedestalment
Overall Score


Death Metal done fucking right, kids. Put on a pair of jeans that fit and take notes from the kings.

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