Friday, August 3, 2012

Medieval Times!

So tomorrow I'm going to Medieval Times in Toronto. For anyone who doesn't know, Medieval Times is a dinner and show event, where actors take the roles of knights participating in a tournament. The different sections of the audience get to root for different knights. The whole thing (as far as I remember) is hosted by the king of these knights and his trusty wizard adviser. I haven't been to Medieval Times since 4 years ago, and back then it was for drama class in high school. I remember having a blast and screaming my heart out for my section's knight to win the tournament.

For anyone who knows me, this is abundantly clear: I like anything in the fantasy genre. Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, and Warhammer, just to name a few. Anything that feeds my fantasy craving is just fucking awesome in my books.

So how sweet will Medieval Times be? Well, it'll be like last time, minus the teacher supervision, and adding in some pints.

Above: The greatest teacher of them all.
Yup. Tomorrow night I get to drink beer, eat roasted chicken with my hands, and watch sweaty dudes in armor on horses swing big swords and charge lances at each other.

It's going to be fucking incredible.