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Interview: Dustin and Justin Ordinario of Termination Force

For anyone who doesn't know Termination Force and their latest offering Grind Thrashing Death, get on that shit. That album was wicked, and I was lucky enough to score an interview with the guitar playing duo of brothers. I was planning on interviewing them over Skype, but neither of the brothers knew what Skype was (come on guys, get with the times!), so we conducted the interview over Facebook chat. Keep that in mind when my questions start to get pretty choppy. This is going to be a long post, so for the first time, I'll be using a jump break.

Without further ado, below is the interview!

Needs More Noise Gate: How did Termination Force form?

Dustin: We formed Back in 2005 under the name Crusher and then changed it to Termination Force in 2007. We were all high school buddies with our ex-drummer Matt and ex-vocalist Jimmy. We were in a band in high school then too and after that we formed Crusher/ Termination Force once we got out. We just wanted to play death metal infused with grind and thrash drawing our influences from Carcass, Kreator and Exhumed. We now have a different drummer and bassist. I now take on all vocal duties.

NMNG: What’s the metal scene like in Texas?

D: The metal scene is good. It has its bad and flaws like anywhere else. We pretty much try to stay out of the politics and drama if there is any. We just try to support the metal bands here when we can and that includes the punk and grindcore bands, which are great as well. There's always good crowds and support for the punk and grind scene.

NMNG: How did you two get into heavy metal? Did you seek it out, or did it find you?

D: Well when I was around 11 or so my cousin introduced it to us by showing us tapes of Metallica, Megadeth and Death Angel etc. and even rock stuff. I guess the typical famous metal bands you would first get into. Eventually trying to discover more bands by just buying 'em based on their album covers or band name haha. Tapes like Napalm Death, Kreator, Nocturnus and even more rock or grunge stuff. When we moved to the U.S. we discovered more of the underground stuff through zines and Metal Maniacs. We eventually bought more CD's, tapes etc and started trying to go to shows.

NMNG: How would you describe Grind Thrashing Death to someone in one word that isn't “Grind”, “Thrashing” or “Death”?

D: Intense haha!

NMNG: Do you guys have any plans for any splits or EPs in the near future?

Justin: We hope to go hit the studio again around April and record at least 6 tracks; we plan on using them for splits. We have some on the works right now but nothing definite yet. I guess once we finish recording the tracks then we'll figure it out.

NMNG: How do you think you’re going to top Grind Thrashing Death for your next album? What new sounds will your next album bring to the listeners?

J: Haha! We'll just keep doing what we're doing and write songs we like and feel that are good, we still have a few old tracks we have not recorded and a few new ones in he works, which we plan for the splits. If our next record comes out better than the previous one, then badass!

NMNG: I understand both of you are into Jiu Jitsu. Are there any parallels or connections you can make between practicing martial arts and making music?

J: Definitely yeah! It takes a lot of practice, dedication, persistence and drive, just like being in a band and making music. Just like in jiu jitsu we strive to be better at it everyday and every moment, it might not always go our way, but we definitely will always try.

D: Yeah martial arts and music are very similar. I believe even Bruce Lee said that. I see practicing the guitar or with the band as the same as drilling or trying new techniques in jiu jitsu. And competing in jiu jitsu is same as performing live I guess. It just takes practice, drilling and dedication for both.

Termination Force, killing it.

NMNG: Are there any unusual sources where you guys draw inspiration for your music or lyrics?

D: Well other than drawing influences from other music and bands... I'd say we draw inspirations from just movies, books and even real life events or whatever emotions we have that stresses us or interest us. But none of that is unusual I think.

NMNG: Who does most of the lyric writing in the band? The most music writing?

D: I do all the lyric writing for the band nowadays. When we had our former lead vocalist Jim, he and I contributed with lyrics with our former drummer Matt. As for the music, me and Justin write all the songs, But of course it doesn't get completed with out the contribution or input of the other members. So over all we do it all together but the main song writing is from me and Justin.

NMNG: Any tour plans? Do you guys have any plans to come up to Canada?

D: Tour is definitely in our plans! We hope to tour the U.S. for two weeks or a week and a half during the summer. Aldo, our drummer is a school teacher so this would be the best time to tour. So Hopefully it all pans out. We also plan to do some mini tours around Texas or Louisiana for three days or so in the coming months. Hopefully that goes through as well. We would love to tour Canada haha! If there is way for someone to help us and get there! Hell yeah!!

NMNG: Do you prefer smaller or bigger venues when playing gigs?

D: We've never really played a super huge venue. I actually dig playing the small venues and especially playing houses, warehouses or record stores. It's very DIY and punk which I really dig. Playing those types of shows are my favorite at times.

NMNG: Do you have any funny tales or horror stories from the road?

D: Haven't hit a full tour yet haha! So no horror stories. Hopefully good ones though.

NMNG: What should up-and-coming death metallers and young thrashers try to do/ avoid in the music industry today?

J: I say just keep doing what they do, keep writing songs, release a shit load of demos and official releases, play a ton of shows in your town and out of town. Have a DIY style but know you can depend on your friends in the scene when you need them.

NMNG: Do you guys have any tips for aspiring guitarists?

J: I'm not a great or flashy guitarist, I wouldn't even say I'm a shredder, I would consider myself good but not great. Just make the time to practice and be creative. Never give it up.

NMNG: If you could tour with any other band, which one would it be and why?

J: There are so many! Demolition Hammer, Terrorizer, (old) Sepultura, Exhumed, Impaled, Carcass, Death, Obituary, and many many more! ....I know some of those are wishful thinking and obviously some of them are not around any more. We're just big fans of those bands and I feel we would appeal to their crowd too.

D: But for current bands we would love to tour with anybody really who wants to tour. Definitely guys like Exhumed, Ghoul or any bands that play grind/ thrash/ metal or bands from the HPGD [Horror Pain Gore Death] or Razorback catalog haha! Fits perfect for our style.

NMNG: Between the four of you in Termination Force, what divides you in terms of musical taste?

D: Well, a lot of us pretty much like the same thing I think, but there are some differences. For instance our drummer is a big Beatles and Paul McCartney fan. He also loves prog rock and jazzy stuff which I love as well! Me and Justin pretty much like the same stuff. Pretty open minded from everything to grind to doom to prog. Same goes with James our bass player. Whatever is good, whether its raw or polished. Good music is good music.

NMNG: What are your favorite death metal albums of all time?

D: Pure classic death metal albums! There are too many to mention haha! But some are Sentenced -Shadows of the Past, Entombed - Left Hand Path, Death - Scream Bloody Gore, just to name a few.

NMNG: Any final thoughts you guys want to get out to any of the readers out there before we finish?

D: Just thanks for this interview and please check out Termination Force. Thanks to all who have supported us in some way.

There you have it. Two awesome dudes from an awesome band. It was a real pleasure getting to interview Justin and Dustin, and I wish both them and Termination Force the very best in the future. Let's hope those Canadian shows happen!

You can check out Termination Force and Grind Thrashing Death out on Horror Pain Gore Death.

That's all for now, folks!

-Grave Dave

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