Monday, October 8, 2012

I need help

By that  I mean: Out of the 10 million subscribers we have on facebook, I'm sure one of you enjoys watching Anime. In a more literal sense, I need some ideas for movies to watch (pertaining to animated film(s)). Since the only thing I do is stare at equations all day or words that explain the equations I'm writing down, I've essentially lost all comprehension of the word "creative". Ie. Im drained as fuck and I-want-to-write-but-I'm-way-too-damn-lazy-to-come-up-with-some-damn-OC until-this-year-is-over.


With that being said, please list any movie you deam to be super awesome pants ! 

I compiled a list of movies I have/want to watch (Any movie with a star beside it I've seen):

Voices of a Distant Star
The Place  Promised in Our Early Days 
5 Cm Per Second*
Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time*
Summer Wars*
Digimon: The Movie*
Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind*
My Neighbour Totoro
Kiki's Delivery Service
Porco Rosso 
Princess Monoke 
Spirited Away*
Howl's Moving Castle*
Castle In the Sky
Grave of the Fireflies

So, basically I want to watch all of these (especially the ones I haven't seen), but since I comsume media faster that light can travel, I obviously want more things to keep me entertained (and if anyone has super foresight abilities, then they would have realized that I want to review said films after I've watched them :] ).

With all of this being said, If you don't have a movie to contribute, or if its already on the list, just let me know what movie you think I should watch and review first ! :3 

As well, anyone is invited to watch these with me, although I have no idea when I will be, I just do things at random.

I leave you with the man I wish I could be,

Imagine the looks you'd get at wine tasting!!!!!

(In contrast: the highlight of my day was realizing the one mistake I had in an assignment was just not taking into account that I was missing a negative sign from taking the complex conjugate of a wave function, yeah.). 


-The Cat

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