Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Track: Capillary Rise - "Bacon Pancake"

So after starting my one-man grindcore/ death metal project called Head Loss (named after the loss of pressure in a piping system. Fuck yeah fluid dynamics!) I was approached by my housemate Ross and his friend Paul with a wicked band name: Capillary Rise. Yes, it's another fluids based name, but it sounds badass, so it's all good.

Fluid Mechanics: Siqq as fuk.
We decided to make this a grind/death/folk/prog/slam band with short and furious songs (plus the mandatory 30+ minute long prog rock epic). Here's the Adventure Time inspired song "Bacon Pancakes" which contains my first ever recorded vocal track of one word.

Dat totally 100% realistic drum machine tone.

"Bacon Pancakes" will be featured on our upcoming demo Grind Eggs and Ham.

That's all for now, folks!

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