Monday, October 1, 2012

Vinyl Update: General Surgery EP

I guess this would be the first of many posts showcasing my music collections! Yay! Today my housemate met a sketchy dude in downtown Guelph who was selling records and picked me up a little somethin' somethin'.

Spinning my new slab of vinyl!
It's a 10" record of General Surgery's 1993 EP, Necrology (this copy is the 2011 Relapse Records re-issue)! It's my first piece of extreme metal on vinyl, and it definitely won't be the last! I've pre-ordered the new Pig Destroyer album, Book Burner on a nice white vinyl, and I should get that in a month or so.

Just thought I'd share the newest addition to my collection! I'll make some posts soon about the records I currently own, and maybe the ones my housemates own as well (the In Rainbows in the picture is one of my housemate's) as well as anything new I pick up. It'll be a good ol' time.

That's all for now, folks!

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