Friday, July 13, 2012

all I wear is snapbacks

So, David convinced me to post here at this place thing with my writing expertise. Since I'm as bored as a duck I decided to make this introduction post.

I like science, video games, and music, so I essentially encompass this blog already, minus bacon, despite it being awesome, I'm trying to lose weight,so until I reach my goal: fuck you bacon.

Over the next 12 years I'll be posting here. More than likely I'll be making a series on how to not blow at playing Osu! (, my favorite music game as well as many posts on why science hurts my head and other random things.

So while I think of a way to present all of this, I'll leave you with a random grocer-protip (#1 at that):
Buy some Parle-G cookies at FreshCo, they're on sale for 69 cents !
PLUS they add +2 to your gangster swag-status and incresease your representation on the west-syeeeeeeed.

When the thug life gets hard you get Parle-G.

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