Saturday, July 7, 2012

Top 10 Albums of 2012 (So Far)

This is my last re-post of my Tumblr reviews. New content from here on in, folks.


It seems to be a bit of a trend now to make a Top 10 list halfway through the year, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon today! The first half of 2012 has been an absolutely killer for music I think, and I expect the second half to keep rolling with this much momentum. For my Top 10 lists, ratings go out the window, and I rank albums on purely how much I love to come back and keep listening/ enjoying them. So, enough bullshit, here's my Top 10!

#10: Accept - "Stalingrad"

Accept haven't just come back, they're here to stay. Two years ago they released Blood of the Nations, which just took everyone by surprise with how well it was done. Accept show here that they're back in it for keeps, with Stalingrad pumping out even more revitalized energy and awesome heavy metal anthems.

#9: Municipal Waste - "The Fatal Feast"

The Waste have crafted another monster crossover thrash album worthy of the most patch-covered demin vests and the cheapest of shitty lagers.

#8: Woods of Ypres - "Woods 5: Grey Skies and Electric Lights"

After winning me over with Woods IV, Woods of Ypres have really knocked the ball out of the park here in terms of songwriting and atmosphere. A beautiful swan song for David Gold, Rest In Peace.

Ontario black and doom metal. Represent.

#7: Dying Fetus - "Reign Supreme"


#6: Rush - "Clockwork Angels"

Rush once again show us how progressive rock should be played. Their best album in a long time, in my opinion. Glad to have you back, boys.

#5: Foxy Shazam - "The Church of Rock and Roll"

Pushing themselves further from the punk/ hardcore scene and more into pop rock, Foxy Shazam really make a versatile and fun record. One day, Foxy Shazam will become the biggest band in the world.

#4: Dawnbringer - Into the Lair of the Sun God

Something that came totally out of left field for me, I've probably listened to bits and pieces of this album every day since I first heard it. One of the better NWoBHM revivalist acts.

#3: 3 Inches of Blood - "Long Live Heavy Metal"

3IoB dropped the hardcore vocalist, and replaced with with (even more) cheese. 80s styled NWoBHM and speed metal done with a modern flair. Current holder of "Most Fun Album of 2012" for me.

#2: Diablo Swing Orchestra - "Pandora's PiƱata

This is another album that came out of nowhere. I saw it won May 2012's "Record o' the Month" on AngryMetalGuy and checked it out. I was convinced that no matter how much I loved it when I heard it, it would eventually fade away, but so far, it has consistently remained on my daily playlists. Great album.

#1: Eluveitie - "Helvetios"

Anyone who knows me knows I love this band way too much. After Everything Remains as it Never Was dropped in 2010, I had no idea how they'd top it. Well, they did. This album just stands head and shoulders above the other releases on here. Beautiful music.
And I've got a few albums that I haven't listened to yet (either not released yet or I just haven't gotten around to listening to them) that I'm really excited for. In no particular order:
  • Baroness - "Yellow & Green"
  • Ihsahn - "Eremita"
  • Om - "Advaitic Songs"
  • Testament - "Dark Roots of the Earth"
  • Dust Sculptures - "Nostalgia"
  • Ensiferum - "Unsung Heroes"
Here's to looking forward to the next half of the year!

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