Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Super Sexy Adventure Time With Ross Part1! [Penumbra]

     Hello, today I will be taking our reading through my adventures in the game: Penumbra Overture.
This game was created by the same peeps who made Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I picked up this game because the steam sale is a soulless wizard who likes to steal money. Regardless though, I've found this game to be quite fun and I'm here to share my play though of the first game in this series.

Enjoy! (also this game is first person)

     So the game begins with some bullshit cut scene, done in a slideshow artsy style explaining why it is the main character is going to the antarctic, I think. Checking the wiki: "Penumbra overture follows the story of Philip, a thirty-year-old physicist whose mother recently died. After receiving a mysterious letter from his supposedly dead father, Philip follows a series of clues that lead him to a mysterious location in uninhabited northern green land.", So basically I suck balls at paying attention.

     For the games "tutorial" you end up figuring out how to use the mouse and keyboard in a small room on what I think was a boat. Basically through rummaging around you find some items, figure out how to work your flash light, and you realize that the main character is probably a raging alcoholic. There were like 3 bottles of JD in his room.

     Sure enough, this becomes apparent when you step outside the room into what appears to be a mild snowfall. Your character stumbles around and has blurred vision. I ended up finding a manhole which looked like it was covered with snow. The game insisted that it was ice. Apparently this pussy drunk man can't even clear this "ice" with his hands. So I backtracked and found a rock. Rocks, by-the-way, become your #1 best friend in this game, at least for me. I take the rock and smash it on the manhole, breaking the ice. I hop inside.

     When you finish loading you end up face down in this *seemingly* abandoned mineshaft entrance. In front of me, about 8 feet is a door and to my left at the same distance is another room. You hear some whispers before you start to walk (you hear these a lot). My first instinct, because of Amnesia, was to turn on my flash light as fast as possible and search the surrounding area to make sure I wasn't about to get reamed by a scary monster. Luckily for me, the area was clear, although I heard more whispers in a room to the left of me. I have to add that this entire game is essentially dark as fuck, (if you play on my man-tear settings). I enter that room and find a hammer (your second best friend). Now the door infront of me when I first loaded was apparently blocked, and hitting it with a hammer did not work so I had to think for a second. I then spotted a hole behind a steel bookshelf, it had what looked like weak wood boarding it off, perfect fodder for my new found hammer Charlie (yes, I named it Charlie)

     The problem with this hole in the wall was the fact that there was a giant steel shelf in the way. I thought that there was no way in hell that a man who can't even clear snow can pull around a huge steel shelf. Fuck logic, I ran up-to the shelf and hit mouse1 and he grabbed it. I pulled it a reasonable distance from the hole and climbed in. I ended up past that door I couldn't open and in another section of the mine with a map in front of me.

It was prettier in the game.

     I am located right on-top of  'exit'. My first choice was the office, because it was the closest and had the least chance of spawning something scary :(. In the office I found some notes on explosives, the locations of somethings, and a key to open a chest. In the chest was a manual on how to build a bomb. There was also some random black cylinder that had glowing orange all over it. I clicked it and proceeded to trip out for 10 seconds as my screen turned completely white and once again I heard whispers.

I quickly excited the room and was struck ! ... by intense music, AND, and glimpse of some creature. By instinct once again I tapped crouch and hid behind a box. That's when I was hit by the what-the-fuck that is their hiding system. When you crouch and stay still your screen will glow a bright-ish blue and skew your view to make things a bit larger. So essentially you trip out every-time you crouch. To add to this stupid system if you look the creatures in the eye your guy freaks out even more and can die from tripping balls. When I understood this system I said to myself "fuck this nonsense" I stood up, turned on my flash light and found the closest rock. It's monster hunting time.

What I said after learning about the crouching.

This concludes the end of part 1, more to come in a few days ! :D

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